We help B2B companies maximize their value through sales, marketing, and customer management optimization. Our revenue optimization methodology is built around customers, organizational alignment, and cadence. Using our methodology we will help you:

  • Create a scalable, productive, and efficient revenue model
  • Consistently deliver balanced revenue growth
  • Optimize sales and marketing expenses
  • Minimize customer churn

Our due diligence service is designed to help PE firms conduct deep assessment of sales, marketing, and customer management capabilities of their acquisition targets. We work closely with the PE deal team to establish fair value of target companies. We focus to:

  • Identify Critical Risks
  • Determine Areas of Improvement
  • Develop 30 | 90 | 180 | 365 Day Transformation Plan
  • Implement Transformation Plan

We provide capability based services to allow you to develop new, or strengthen existing, buildings blocks necessary for creating a scalable, productive, and efficient revenue model. More

Managing growth is a key challenge for most high potential companies. Growth can be a double-edged sword. Once a company gets to a certain level, scaling up becomes far more difficult. Not only does it get much harder to acquire the additional $1 of new revenue, but it also gets increasingly difficult to protect existing revenue. And there starts the quest for finding the delicate balance of acquiring new customers and protecting existing ones. It’s not an easy thing to achieve by any means, but it’s critical to keeping the growth engine running.

Our Mind-the-Gap methodology is designed to help you deliver consistent revenue growth without any surprises.

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